В игре 12 трофеев, бронза  - 7 , серебро  - 4, золото  - 1


getting out more -- сыграйте онлайн, по крайней мере один раз.
don't need no stinking powerballs -- win without using a powerball, but you can still pick them up
variety is the spice of life -- win at least once in all game modes, including one online multiplayer match
comeback kid -- come back and win a game from 3 goals behind
use your emotions -- win at least once with each powerball
leagues ahead -- win at least once in all 4 divisions
you're a winner -- win 10 games in a row


gimme gimme world domination -- Выиграйте 50 онлайн игр
mini game master -- complete all 8 mini-games
league of your own -- win the top division three times in a row
completist freak -- get 100% on time attack mode


geon king - score 200,000 points to be a geon king!